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Fall season  August 27, 2022

Rosegarden P.A.L SOCCER

Welcome to Rosegarden P.A.L. Soccer, District 9, of the San Jose Metro P.A.L. Youth Soccer League.

We are a recreational youth soccer league that invites those between the ages of 4 and 17 to play soccer each year during the Fall. We are an all-volunteer organization under the direction and leadership of the San Jose Police Activities League. The Rosegarden District has over 300 players, and participates with our partner district teams from Cambrian, Willow Glen, Santa Clara, and Milpitas, to bring our league total players numbers to 2,500+!

The District

Rosegarden P.A.L. Soccer's geographical area generally covers the Rosegarden, Shasta-Hanchett, Burbank, and Downtown areas of the City of San Jose. The schools that our players attend include Bachrodt, Cory, Anne Darling, Empire Gardens, Gardner, Grant, Hester, Lowell, Luther Burbank, Horace Mann, Olinder, River Glenn, Trace, and Washington Elementary, as well as Burnett Academy, Herbert Hoover Middle School, and Lincoln High School. Local Catholic Schools are also represented with players from St. Leo and St. Martin of Tours.

Where We Play 

Our home fields:

  • Hoover Middle School (Under 8 & 10)
  • Lincoln High School (Under 12, Under 15, and Under 18)


More Information

Interested in registering your child? Go to the Registration page.

Want more information about coaching? Visit the Coaches page.

Can't find the answer to your question? E-mail us at  

Information for Coaches & Referees

Metro PAL Youth Soccer League

Soccer Practice Fields

Click here for the addresses of the fields.

Paperwork for Coaches

California State Law and P.A.L. regulations require that coaches be officially cleared to coach. All prospective coaches must fill out the San Jose Police Activities League Adult Registration Form and be fingerprinted (Livescan).

Primary coaches must submit the registration form and complete the livescan report to the San Jose P.A.L. Office. Assistant coaches can submit their information (a copy of the completed livescan report, the Adult Registration Form, and a photo) to the Rosegarden PAL Soccer Commissioner, who will issue the assistant coach's card.

These forms can be found in the Forms Section. Submit these forms by June for the quickest results. Remember no forms, no coaching.

P.A.L. Soccer Field Laws

Players & Coaches:

  • Player/coach's cards are required at check-in for every game.
  • Players must be in complete league-issued uniform (shirt, shorts, socks) or will not play.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at the start of the game and each quarter/half.
  • Shin guards must be worn inside the player's socks.
  • No jewelry is permitted. No bandages or tape over earrings. A Medic-Alert is allowed if taped to the body.
  • No orthopedic casts of any kind (hard or soft) are permitted on the field of play.
  • The coach's area extends 10 yards either side of the midfield line.
  • Spectators are not permitted within 20 yards of corner flags along the sideline or anywhere behind the goal line.
  • No coach or spectator may enter the field of play at any time without a signal from the referee.
  • Referee calls are final. Dissent in action or word by a player, coach or spectator could result in a caution (yellow card) or ejection (red card).
  • Substitutions are to be made at midfield and only after the substituted player leaves the field.

U-6 & U-8 Play:

  • A number of players: maximum 7; minimum 5.
  • Size 3 ball.
  • U-6 - four 8 minute quarters.
  • U-8 - four 10 minute quarters.
  • All free kicks are indirect.
  • No penalty kicks.
  • Throw-in fouls: a repeat of throw-in is allowed once only.
  • No offside penalties (except for "camping at goal").
  • Substitution is permitted only at quarter breaks and for an injured player.
  • No sliding.
  • U-8 - any player given a yellow card must leave the field until the next legal substitution.
  • U8 - any player, coach, or spectator given a red card (ejected) must leave the field.
  • A player may be suspended based on the referee's report.
  • The mercy rule is applied.

U-10 Play:

  • A number of players: maximum 9; minimum 7.
  • Size 4 ball.
  • Two 25-minute periods.
  • All free kicks are indirect.
  • No penalty kicks.
  • Substitution is permitted on own throw-in, any goal kick, before kick-off and for an injured player.
  • No repeat for a bad throw-in.
  • FIFA offside rules apply.
  • Sliding O.K. if done properly.
  • A player given a yellow card must leave the field until the next legal substitution.
  • Any player, coach, or spectator is given a red card (ejected) must leave the field.
  • A player may be suspended based on the referee's report.
  • The mercy rule is applied.

U-12 & Up Play:

  • A number of players: maximum 11; minimum 7.
  • U-12: Size 4 ball.
  • U-15 & Up: Size 5 ball.
  • U-12 - Two 30 minute halves.
  • U-15 - Two 35 minute halves.
  • U-18 - Two 40 minute halves.
  • Substitution is permitted on own throw-in, any goal kick, before kick-off, and for an injured player.
  • All other FIFA / League rules apply.
  • A player given a yellow card must leave the field until the next legal substitution.
  • Any player, coach, or spectator is given a red card (ejected) must leave the field.
  • A player may be suspended based on the referee's report.

For More Information

If you have questions about coaching, contact , Commissioner for Rosegarden P.A.L. Soccer, by phone

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Read these instructions carefully before filling out a form.

Forms on This Web Site

Remember to print out THREE copies of the form: one for the league, one for the district, and one for yourself. Also, hand in ALL THREE copies so that your copy can be signed and returned to you.

You need version 4 or newer of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, fill out, and print these forms. If you have problems with Acrobat Reader or our PDF forms, click on Troubleshooting.

Livescan (Fingerprinting)

The Sheriff's Office now has an online website where a prospective coach can fill out the livescan request form and make an appointment to be fingerprinted. This website is located at sherifflivescan.sccsheriff.org. Click on the link and the form will open in a new window.

You can also go to sccsheriff.org and click on the "fingerprinting" icon to get to the same place.

Please read the following information carefully before filling out the online form. You can also refer back to this page as you fill out the form.

You will need the following information for the Livescan form:

  • Agency ORI code: Z0001
  • Type of Application: Volunteer
  • Agency Address Set Contributing Agency:
    • Agency authorized to receive criminal history information: San Jose PAL
    • Street number: 680
    • Street: S. 34th St.
    • City: San Jose
    • State: CA
    • Zip Code: 95116
    • Contact Name: Joseph Gagliardi 
    • Billing Number: (leave blank)
    • Mail code: 06158
    • Contact telephone number: (408) 272-9725
  • Your OCA number: Z0001
  • Level of Service: DOJ/ FBI - Yes

Note that when you roll your mouse over the form, lilac-colored pop-up boxes will appear with special instructions on to how to format the data for that field. For example, for "height", if you are 5' 8" tall, you must put 508. If you're 5' 11", you must put 511.

Leave the Employer portion of the form (the final section) blank. It is intended only for people applying for State of California jobs.

FAQs for Coaches

General Information

Do both Coaches and Assistant Coaches need to submit Adult Registration Forms and obtain a Live Scan?
Yes. Assistant Coaches need to submit the same information as Coaches.

Must Assistant Coaches attend the All Coaches meeting?
No, they are not required to attend. It would be to their benefit to attend and they are invited. The meeting is a great time to learn more about the League and about coaching soccer.

Who should I contact if I have a question about coaching?
 Commissioner, Rosegarden P.A.L. Soccer, by phone, at 

Where can I learn more about the rules of soccer?
To find the laws of soccer and questions and answers about them, go to the FIFA technical support section.

Calls on the Field

What is "Offsides"?
First of all, "offsides" is not what many think it is. A player is called for offsides if, in the opinion of the Referee, that player is in an offside position and because of that position has an advantage or can interfere with the ongoing play. A player may be in an offside position and not be part of the immediate play. Such a case is not offside.

What is "handling the ball"?
It is not called "handball". Handling the ball means a player, in the opinion of the Referee, deliberately changes the course of the ball with his hand or arm. For example, if the ball is kicked directly at the head of a player and that player raises his hand to protect the head and the ball hits the hand or arm while the hand is set, such is not "handling the ball". If the hand or arm was in motion and knocks the ball away then it is handling the ball. The key is deliberate change in the course of the ball.

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