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Willow Glen  Metro SJ P.A.L Soccer

Welcome to Willow Glen P.A.L.Soccer, District 8 of the San Jose Metro P.A.L. Youth Soccer League.


We are a recreational youth soccer league that invites those between the ages of 4 and 17 to play soccer each year during the Fall. We are an all-volunteer organization under the director and leadership of the San Jose Police Activities League. The District Willow Glen has over 200 players and participates with our partner's districts team from Cambrian, Rosegarden, Foothill, Santa Clara, and Milpitas, to bring our league total players numbers to 2,500+!

Livescan (Fingerprinting)

The sheriff's office now has an online website where a prospective coach can fill out the livescan request form and make an appointment to be fingerprinted. This website is located at:http://sherifflivescan.sccsheriff.org. Click on the link and the form will open in a new window.

You can also go to http://sccsheriff.org and click on the "fingerprinting" icon to get to the same place.


Please read the following information carefully before filling out the online form.

You will need the following information for the Livescan Form:

open appointments 



Location:  4th floor of San Jose City Hall Tower, in the lobby

Parking:  4th Street between Santa Clara St. and San Fernando St.  (first 90 minutes free)

Must Bring:

  • Attached form(s) - INCLUDE INFO BELOW ON FORM
  • Government Photo ID (driver's license or California or other state ID or passport)  
  • If a minor, a School ID will be accepted as long as it is with a birth certificate (Required both school ID and birth certificate) AND bring the parent consent form


INFO NEEDED FOR FORM: (form attached to this email) If you have a coach or volunteer as a minor   Please make sure your school ID and a birth certificate                                                                                                               

  • ORI: "A1828"
  • Authorized Application Type: "Employment"
  • Type of License/Certification/Permit OR Working Title: Job Title
  • Mail Code: "06383"
  • Agency authorized to receive criminal history information: "City of San Jose PRNS"
  • Street Address or PO Box: "200 East Santa Clara Street No 400"
  • City: "San Jose" / State: "CA" / Zip: "95113"
  • Contact Name: "Emma Go"
  • Telephone No: "(408) 975-1408"
  • Enter all of your personal contact, physical descriptor information, and your Social Security and Driver's License numbers.
  • Agency Billing No: "140074"
  • Your Number (OCA): "PRNS"
  • Level of Service: Check Yes for DOJ and Yes for FBI


Field Use:


U-6 & U-8 Play

- The number of players: maximum 7; minimum 5.

- Size 3 ball.

- U-6 four 8-minute quarters.

- U-8 four 10-minute quarters.

- All free kicks are indirect.

- No penalty kicks.

- Throw-in fouls: a repeat of throw-in is allowed once only.

- No offside penalties ( except for "camping at goal").

- Substitution is permitted only at quarter breaks and for an injured player.

- No sliding.

- U-8 any player given a yellow card must leave the field until the next legal substitution.

- U-8 any player, coach, or spectator is given a red card (ejected) must leave the field.

- A player may be suspended based on the referee's report.

- The mercy rule is applied.


U-10 Play:

- Number of players: maximum 9; minimum 7.

- Size 4 ball.

- Two 25-minute periods.

- All free kicks are indirect.

- No penalty kicks.

- Substitution is permitted on your own throw-in, any goal kick, before kick-off, and for an injured player.

- No repeat for a bad throw-in.

- FIFA offside rules apply.

- Sliding is O.K. if done properly.

- A player given a yellow card must leave the field until the next legal substitution.

- A player may be suspended based on the referee's report.

- The mercy rule is applied.


U12 & Up Play

- Number of players: maximum 11; minimum 7.

- U12: Size 4 ball.

- U15 & Up: Size 5 ball

- U12 Two 30-minute halves.

- U15 Two 35-minute halves.

- U-18 Two 40-minute halves.


For opening spots please contact 

Commissioner: Juan Meza {willowglenpal@gmail.com }