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FAQs & Answers

What is PAL’s sports philosophy for children? “Through the example of coaches and parents, every player should see the value of competition, and within themselves work towards self-improvement, and with others in a spirit of camaraderie.” You can read all of our rules and philosophies in our organizational By-Laws.

What are the geographic boundaries for WG PAL? Can my child play in your league if we live outside of Willow Glen? Yes, everyone can play! There are no official boundaries that limit enrollment. You are welcome to sign-up in the district of your choice!

  • What is included with my registration fee? Each player receives a jersey kit (socks, shorts, shirt), team and player photo, inclusion in all league games/events, supplemental liability insurance, and other participation awards.

What division would my child play in? It depends on the birthdate and gender of each player. Please review our list of Divisions by Age/Gender.

How are coaches found/screened/trained/assigned? Coaches are all-volunteer (with some arm-twisting, perhaps). The vast majority of coaches are parents of players on their team (or extended relatives). SJPD reviews fingerprint history for criminal backgrounds and we hold day-long training sessions annually. We also hold meetings, training, and discussions throughout the season.

What is the process of creating/assigning teams? It’s mostly random, as we try to mix-up age, gender, and experience. But if you have a request (like a friend or someone you know is coaching), just let us know. Ideally, you could write it on your registration form, or let us know via an email when you discover a friend. Teams are assigned in July, although things are fluid until we release the rosters (which doesn’t happen until your coach has attended a training clinic).

When will my child practice? Actual game times and practice times are the last steps in the process of organizing our league. Coaches chose their own practice times, usually early evening or late afternoon on weekdays.

When will my soccer games be? Of course, our schedule is subject to change. Most games will be on Saturday mornings, but the time may vary in the early afternoon. Schedules for the first six games are created in mid-August; the rest of the schedules will be compiled in early-October: The November tournament may have at east one-afternoon game scheduled.

My family and I will be out on vacation for the weekend. Will my sons still be able to play this season if they are not at the first game? You are not actually required to be at any of the games, but your coach and teammates will miss you! Please let your coach know about planned and unexpected absences as soon as you can.

What is a Team Parent/Coordinator/Board Volunteer/Metro Staff? Volunteers are critical to our success! Team parent responsibilities vary by the team/coach. Mostly it involves coordinating team activities as game day treats, team pictures, parties, coach thank yous, etc. Coordinators help with a variety of things at the local league level. If you are interested in helping, we’d get back to you with some of our needs (field striping, uniform distribution, equipment maintenance, referees, Jamboree, picture day, etc …). Board/Metro positions involve coordinating things on a larger scale, including interacting with our partner leagues in Cambrian, Rose Garden, Santa Clara, and Milpitas.

When will I receive more information? Your coach will contact you after we have released the team roster. Most coaches will contact their teams and begin practices in early August. As we get closer to the season, we’ll probably inundate you with more info than you really want in your email inbox.


What Do We Need to Play? Lots of parents are curious about what they need to purchase for their child to play soccer. Officially, you probably only need to purchase two things: Shoes and Shinguards. Other equipment is entirely up to you.




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