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San Jose PAL Flag Football NOW Open!!



Welcome to the San Jose Police Activities League Flag Football Program. The San Jose Police activities league is sponsoring this local community flag football program to allow every boy and girl a chance to play in an organized, non-contact football league based on age and class level team.


Our Flag Football program is meant to introduce the fundamentals of football, introduced in a true non-contact but competitive environment that allows all the players to grow and improve as they move through the programs. As the program participants move up through the programs, the level of and intensity go up proportionally, particularly at the older ages. It is also more than just a football recreational program. The stated objectives of the program are to inspire all youth to practice good sportsmanship, teamwork, and scholarship in addition to teaching them the fundamentals of football in an adult-supervised safety-oriented environment. We feel that if competition and our objectives are kept in their proper perspective. Flag football is an ideal medium through which we cant teach each youth responsibility, self-discipline, and respect. Our goal is to develop our youth into responsible and mature citizens for tomorrow.


Players Team Assignment:

Teams will be created by the assignment of registered players to a team within an age and class level format by the league. Teams will consist of 8-10 players, with exceptions needing league approval prior to season start. Depending on player participation, some leagues may have divisions that combine multiple grades to fill out the teams properly. In these instances, any rules that may be different between age levels will be geared to take into consideration the lowest grade level participating. Our league teams are open to boys and girls in grades Pre-School through 9th grade. The league is currently Coed, and athletes will only be separated by theses criteria for league selection criteria. The player requesting to play a division will need league approval prior to being allowed to participate on an older team.


Official Team Rosters:

Only players on the official roster may be used in games. The use of non-roster players is prohibited, and the League's discretion may result in a forfeit of all games in which the player participated. Use of a non-roster player or may result in disciplinary action, including suspension of the coach. The league will maintain the official roster eligible players and may only be modified at its discretion.



All our teams are coached by parent volunteers. San Jose Police Activities League will provide all the necessary training and equipment to help coaches start out the season. We will also offer coaching clinics prior to season start for those interested in offering their time and support.


The League will work with teams that can't find volunteer coaches to make sure the players have the best opportunity to learn the game. In these cases, we will use our volunteers or support staff to fill the void until a full-time coach can be found.


Coach and Player Friend Request System:

During the registration process, there will be an opportunity to enter a player friend request or coach request. If these individuals are in our registration systems at the time team assignment, we will attempt to match up the players and coaches within our team selection system.  These requests are not guaranteed but are accommodated whenever possible. In addition, we also look to place kids on teams with players from their current schools whenever possible.


Minimum Player Requirement:

The game format for our league is 5-on-5 Flag Football. In the event that only four players are present for a given team, they shall be allowed to play with four players. In this situation, if the team with four players loses another player to injury, they will be forced to forfeit the said game.

The opposing team shall still be allowed the option to play with five players.

The score of a forfeited game shall be 7-0.


Recommended and Allowed player Equipment:

The league allows each player to have or wear the following items:

  • Players must wear shoes, Football cleats are encouraged; however, cleats with exposed metal are not allowed and must be removed. Cleats must be rubber or plastic on the bottom.
  • Players may tape their forearms, hands, and fingers. Players may wear gloves, elbow pads, and kneepads. Braces with exposed metals are not allowed.
  • Players must remove all hats, watches, earrings and any other jewelry that the officials deem hazardous.
  • Mouthpieces are recommended but not required.


Restrictions and Prohibited Items:

  • No adhesive like substances that may enhance performance play is allowed. 
  • Soft helmets are NOT allowed.
  • Shorts or pants with pockets, belt loops, belts, or exposed drawstrings.
  • Shoes with exposed metal
  • The padding of any kind, including hard surface paddings such as shoulder pads, hip pads, or helmets.
  • Any hard substance on a player's clothing or person.
  • Hard cats, even if covered by soft material.
  • Sticky substances such as grease or glue on a player's clothing or person.
  • Jewelry of any kind, except for medical alert bracelets.
  • Barrettes or other hard objects worn on the head.
  • Eyeglasses, unless of athletically approved construction and containing shatter-proof lenses.
  • Anything that the official feels could endanger or confuse players.


Game Time Format:

A game consists of two halves, each to be 18 minutes in duration, separated by a four-minute halftime period. The game clock runs continually, except:

  • In the event of an injury, the clock will stop and then restart when the injured player is removed from the field of play
  • During a timeout
  • Officials can stop the clock at their discretion for any reason.


Play Clock:

Each time the ball is spotted and the ready to play whistle is blown. a team has 25 seconds to snap the ball. Teams will receive one warning per game before a delay-of-game penalty is enforced.