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Welcome to the 2016 San Jose Police Activities League Cheer Conference.  The San Jose Police Department and your community youth cheerleading organization have teamed up to offer your child the best possible youth cheer program.  The program is unique in its method of organization and administration, in the goals and objectives it seeks with its youth, and in its emphasis on fair play and playing by the rules.  San Jose PAL Cheer is competitive but it is more than just a cheer recreational program.  Our cheer program stresses competent coaching, safe equipment, and adequate medical precautions.  The stated objectives of the program are to inspire all youth to practice good sportsmanship, teamwork, and scholarship in addition to teaching them the fundamentals of cheerleading in an adult-supervised, safety-oriented environment.  The conference has set rules governing cheer and conduct for all youth and adults.  The San Jose PAL Conference and hundreds of adult volunteers work very hard to provide its youth participants with a quality program.  If your kids are between the ages of 4 and 14 and are interested in cheering with us this season please contact one of our 11 teams directly.  


San Jose Police Activities League

Football and Cheer Commissioner