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Volunteers Metro PAL Youth Soccer League 2020


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The Metro PAL Youth Soccer League has set certain goals and objectives for all who participate in its program. As part of the Police Activities League, the theme " Developing Youth in Our Community" is a major commitment. Of equal importance are the goals of:

  • Teaching and promoting the game of soccer
  • Instill knowledge of and feeling for team or group relationships and responsibilities 
  • Through the example of coaches and parents, every player should see the value of competition, and within themselves work towards self-improvement and with others in the spirit of camaraderie.
  •  The development of skills and physical condition to the maximum of each individual's capabilities
  • By reinforcing positive experiences in practice sessions and games, help each other develop confidence in their abilities
  • With the leadership of coaches and managers the players should gain a positive attitude toward the game of soccer and towards sports in general.


MPYSL Philosophy 

PAL's formula for success is simple. It consists of dedicated police officers and dedicated civilian volunteers working together for one cause- The Development of our youth"

By reinforcing positive experience in practice sessions and games, they help each other develop confidence in their abilities.

With the leadership of the coaches, the players should gain a positive attitude toward the game of soccer

we are a league governed and affiliated with the local police department

 Requirements: (4)

  • Coaches License

You must be going thru and pass Live-Scan before a coaches license is issued and your team is put on the schedule

Complete Coaches Licenses will be distributed by Metro PAL to your district commissioners


  • Live Scan

Live Scan is Mandatory

For San Jose coaches, you must renew your Livescan check. If you cannot complete your live scan coach clinic, make an appointment at the SCC Sheriff's office and complete on-line appointment form:


Live Scan DOES NOT have to be repeated as long as you stay in PAL

Code: AF665

Type: Volunteer

Job Title: Coach PAL Soccer District Name

Agency: San Jose PAL

680 S. 34th St

San Jose, CA 95116

Telephone: 408-272-9725

Mail Code: 06158

Level of Service: FBI & DOJ


  • Heads Up Certificate

California law now requires all coaches to take the online training course, 

"CDC ( Center for Disease Control)

It will take about 45 minutes and you can then print up the certificate.

The certificate must be turned in to SJ PAL

Parents must also knowledge receipt of issued without it

No coaches license or team rosters will be issued without it

SCAT card will come with your license


  • Abuse Prevention Orientation


Youth Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy & Procedure 

As a youth-serving organization, San Jose Police Activities League considers the safety and well being of the youth in our programs a top priority. We prohibit abuse and strive to proactively address reports of this type of conduct, even if it means that someone will be embarrassed or upset. We want to hear about problems or concerns, and we will strive to act on them fairly in accordance with our policies.

We will report all suspected abuse.

Policy and Procedures

The San Jose Police Activities League Board of Directors has adopted the following Policy and Procedures under California Penal Code Section 11105.3 in an effort to provide a safe environment for our coaches, athletes, and their families.


  1. The Coach Recruitment process shall include the following:

  1. Volunteer Application Every coach and volunteer working with youth must complete our organization’s written application that sets forth appropriate background information, requires disclosure of any prior claims or allegations of sexual abuse or other inappropriate conduct, and provide the names of at least two individuals as references.

  2. Screening- A designated representative(s) of the organization will interview each prospective coach/volunteer.

  3. Background Check- All current and potential coaches will be subject to a background check, including appropriate inquiries regarding any previous record of sexual abuse or other unlawful activity. We will utilize the Live Scan process.


  1. An Abuse Prevention Orientation shall be conducted annually:

                      A board Member/Executive Director or designee will review this policy with  coaches, volunteers. They must acknowledge training by signing the signup sheet each year.


  1. Prohibited Behavior

  1. Use of degrading language or behavior. Coaches are also responsible for stopping disrespectful behavior between team members, including sexual harassment.

  2. Threatening or intentionally inflicting physical injury upon anyone, especially a minor. Coaches are also responsible for stopping threatening behavior by players.

  3. Committing any sexual offense against a minor, or engaging in any sexual contact with a minor.

  4. Making any sexual advance, or engaging in other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature with a minor.

  5. No Non-related one-adult /one-child interaction except in an emergency where following this policy would be dangerous to the child. In an emergency situation, the coach or volunteer must contact a representative of the organization to inform him or her of this contact and the reason for it. 

  6. No non-related private contact between coaches and minors including private phone calls, texts and social media, e.g., snapchat, Facebook messenger, Instagram.


  1. Reporting of Suspected Child Sexual Abuse

  1. The Executive Director, a member of the specific sports Board of Directors or other official representative will be designated to receive reports of sexual abuse or other inappropriate conduct. This representative will promptly notify the proper law enforcement agencies. The Executive Director must be informed promptly.

  2. All coaches, volunteers, parents and program participants are directed to report any incident of abuse or suspected abuse that they witness or that is reported to them to the Executive Director or designated representative of the Board of Directors. Note: Coaches, volunteers and parents shall report the abuse or suspected abuse to the proper law enforcement authorities.  Coaches are mandatory reporters.

  3. The designated representative will keep other Board Members fully informed.

  4. Should a suspected incidence of abuse be reported, the coach/volunteer in question may be temporarily suspended from duties while an investigation takes place.

  5. The specific sports Board of Directors, when appropriate, shall communicate reports of child sexual abuse to the league members. The confidentiality of anyone who makes such a report will be protected.



City of San Jose and PAL Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 2007-2025, Exhibit H Services Involving Minors

 (1) Pal Board shall conduct a criminal background check on each of its employees and volunteers who have supervisory or disciplinary authority over minors.


(2) PAL Board shall also comply with the provisions of the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, California Penal Code 11164 et seq. 

The PAL Board agrees that PAL Board shall not at any time allow its employees or volunteers to be in a position with supervisory or disciplinary authority over minors if they have been convicted of any offense identified in California Public Resources Code Section 5164.


(5) PAL Board shall be responsible for ensuring that no person paid or unpaid by PAL Board shall be permitted to provide services unless appropriate background checks, including fingerprints, have been performed prior to the beginning of services under this agreement.


Live Scan procedures:


 Livescan (Fingerprinting) The sheriff's office now has an online website where a prospective coach can fill out the live scan request form and make an appointment to be fingerprinted. This website is located at :  


The link to make an appointment is located at:



Livescans will be randomly audited by PAL.


A copy of the PAL Request for Live Scan Service is attached to this document. This form has the specific codes for San Jose PAL. An Adobe version can be found on the Pal website at: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/16805/45829.pdf





As a PAL soccer coach never do anything that would embarrass the team MPYSL

is a recreatinal league your Job is to:


  • Instill and Teach
  • Motivate and Encourage 
  • Be the "good" example, not the "bad" one
  • Don't bend the rules to win
  • Respect the referees - they are human and most are kids 


Introduce yourself to the team


  • Letter or e-mail to parents at the beginning of the season:
  • or call a parent meeting to review this and take feedback
  • Be a positive role model, set good examples
  • Recruit a team parent and/or assistant coaches, ask for volunteers 
  • Set expectations
  • Coaches expctations of the players
  • Coaches and players expectations of the parents
  • Players and parents expectations of coaches
  • Coaches give instructions 
  •  Practice/games times and location
  • Snack Schedule team parent could help 


Team Parent


  • Team parents can be a great resource for the coach. They can help with the "off-field" activities such as:
  • Organize the snack and drinks schedule for games.
  • Contact parents to remind them of games, practices and Picture Day.
  • Organize parents to help set up field equipment
  • Organize parents and kids to patrol their fields for litter
  • Organize a team banner 


The regular season will Start  August TBT 2020

No Games Labor Day weekend

End of Season Tournament U18 October TBT 2020

End of Season Tournament November TBT 2020



Thank you for volunteering your time to make a difference 

You are the most important person in our organization.

You determine the kind of experience our kids have

with PAL soccer.

As PAL front line ambassadors, you are charged with ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable season.


Important reminders:

  • Everything you say and do is a direct reflection of PAL make sure what you say is consistent with PAL guidelines.
  • Follow the chain of command.
  • Enforce the "Code of Ethics" at all times.
  • Remember, this League is about the KIDS.
  • Relax and have FUN!!!!












Base Cost: $0.00

Opened: 01/21/2020

Open to: Men & Women
born between: 08/01/1945 and 08/01/2001