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Welcome to San Jose PAL
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In Loving Memory of Edward J. Rosette, Sr

August 15, 1925 - November 24, 2019







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Our Mission:

"The mission of the San Jose Police Activities League is to forge an everlasting bond between Police, Youth, and Community through Athletics, Academics, and act of GOODWILL"


San Jose Police Activities League is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that has over 1800 kids participating. San Jose PAL is based on the conviction that if young people are impacted positively at an early enough age they can develop strong, positive attitudes towards police officers, the law, and their respective communities, while monumentally decreasing gang activity, classroom absenteeism, and early dropout rates, young pregnancies, crime, and bullying. Since 1967, the mission of the San Jose Police Activities League ( SJ PAL) has revolved around providing a youth crime prevention program that relies on education, health, athletics, and other recreational activities that cement a bond between Police Officers and the youth in our community.

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